Rhubarb Rhoute – LIVE

For those avid readers – or fans of rhubarb in general – who happen to be in Le Marche, Italy next week, you have a mighty treat in store.

From the local rag:

I Segretti della Via del Rabarbaro

Ewan Lamont é un uomo d’affari Inglese che lavora a Pechino, in Cina. Per molti anni si é interessato nella ‘Via del Rabarbaro‘. Come la antica ‘Via della Seta’, la Via del Rabarbaro attraversò l’ Asia Centrale e portò in 16 Seculo all’Europa, inclusa l’Italia, la pianta medicinale e misteriosa conosciuta oggi come il Rabarbaro.

Questi ultime mesi, Ewan ha percorso questa strada, incominciando in Cina e proseguendo via il Kazakhstan, il Kirghiztan, l’Uzbekistan, il Turkomenistan, l’Azerbaijan ed altre nazioni esotiche viaggando in autobus, treno, nave e cammello.

Le Marche saranno l’ultima tappa prima di concludere il viaggio a Venezia – l’Emporio del Rabarbaro.

Il 30 Luglio Ewan Lamont parlera del suo viaggio illustrato da diapositive della sua aventura. “

For those of you philistines who don’t read Italian, I’ve been asked to talk about my trip to a town in Le Marche, Italy (!). Rather poignantly, it will be the evening before I waltz into Venice, the de facto conclusion of the Rhubarb Rhoute.

Modesty prevents me from translating the rather grand introduction above, but suffice to say I’d better think up something interesting to say in the next few days, else I’ll have a hall full of disappointed Italians on my hands. And nobody wants a disappointed Italian.

When: 6pm, 30th July
Where: The Bronze Beaters’ Hall, off the Municipal Piazzo

(Cynics might suggest that I only agreed to it once I heard the name of the venue)

The paucity of appropriate material aside, of course, one pertinent issue that might complicate my timely arrival involves Turkish, Greek and Italian public transport. It’s fair to suggest that none of the three are synonymous with reliability – or indeed, good driving – so over the next few days I’ll need to cook up a plan to get halfway up Italy by the 30th.

Consider this a suspended-cliff-hanger conclusion to this post….

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb Rhoute – LIVE

  1. Nicolaki

    viaggando in camella?? no wonder it took you so long

    good luck at the royal national geographic society of italy! whatever you do, don’t lose the beard, no matter what you say, your credibility lies in the beard, Samson

  2. Ewan Post author

    I’m glad my credibility lies in something, at least. These barbers here in Istanbul seem miiiiighty persuasive, however…!

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