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It’s very easy to get carried away when planning a trip like this. When are you going to kick off, where exactly are you going to go, what are you going to do, how are you going to get there, where will you stay, what will you eat, what will the loos be like, what language are they going to speak, am I going to be raped, mugged AND murdered?

One thing that I have been constantly burrowing way in the recesses of my mind, however, is the fact that whilst this trip is about to begin, another phase is coming to a close. I’ve lived in China since the middle of 2003, and in Beijing since August 2004. This is where I’ve ‘grown up’, dammit, this is what my twenties have all been about.

I am, of course, in absolute denial that my China days are coming to an end.

Well, over for now, shall we say. I can’t really foresee a future without China in it for me. You don’t spend years learning Chinese only to cruise back to the UK and develop a keen interest for selling insurance in Wrexham.

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